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Dig this. Laura Hartwick does a lot of things and her list that might not look like yours. Horse trainer and riding instructor by day. Dog trainer and dog agility instructor by night. And morning. Artist, writer, designer and hiker of the forest at various times depending on sunlight. She knows where the coyotes gather, how to draw, pretty good grammar, and sits on a horse about as rightly as anybody. She’s used Photoshop daily since 1992, yet cannot work her new fangled teevee set.

She’s available for hire at any of these convenient locations:

Buy Stuff:  (buy custom portraits, shirts, stickers)

Read Stuff:  (writing/pictures)

So Many Pictures:
(photos galore) (always something to see)

Ride Horses: (the horse biz)

Train Dogs:

So many flippin’ ways to find her that there’s no reason not to.

writing samples & press

tel: (831) 423-1516
email: laurah at plasticdisaster dot com